Gabi Simpson


- I’m all about the aesthetics


I appreciate, and pay close attention, to the aesthetics that come with good design. Adding value, meaning, and light at its simplest form; good design exists within a successful brand or business.

As an advertising major at the University of North Texas, my academic career was crafted from a variety of studio/design courses, communication design, and all things marketing.

During my internship with SWOOP, I became proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign), allowing me to create tailor-made content suitable for varying clients, and their choice of communication. Work included web-design, print, digital, social-media content creation, and promotional products.

Strategy is important to me. I want to make work that’s thoughtful. I want to make work that’s original. I want to make work that has purpose.

Feel free to contact me, and always stay humble.


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